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Your company's brand identity is crucial to its success. How you communicate and visually represent your business plays an integral part on how your brand is viewed.  An effective visual identity establishes trust with your audience and results in the exponential growth of your business.  Design of Miami provides the roadmap and the solutions to achieve this.  Let us show you how.


We offer these essential solutions for your business in:

  • Branding

  • Communication Strategy

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design

  • Marketing

  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Web Design

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What is your visual identity?

You have heard it before,"make sure you make a great impression" or for that matter "make sure you make a lasting one" or how about "you got to look the part". Let's face it, appearance does matter.  This is true in many facets of life, especially in business.  Many companies struggle with building their brand without really knowing what the problem is.  Their visual identity unknowingly promotes disconnected communication to their audience.  Poorly designed logos, inconsistent typeset, vast color palette, and disjointed design throughout their marketing collateral all contribute to the problem.  At the end, it comes off looking like a ransom note.   


Consistent presentation by a brand has seen to increase revenue by

Is the time it takes to make an impression
(Make it count!)


Color improves brand recognition by up to



of users will stop interacting if the website layout is unattractive

Let's Build Your Brand

At Design of Miami, we have a clear understanding of the importance the role visual identity plays in the success of a business.  Successful notable brands have taught us all the importance of consistent branding and visual presentation.  It builds trust with your audience because the visual communication is unified.  They all know this recipe and they do not deviate from it.


With our expert help, your business can also attain this great success.  We will start by getting a clear understanding of your business and then assess the needs of your audience to create a plan that effectively represents your brand through consistent design.  Click below to learn more about our solutions for you.  

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Design of Miami has successfully developed and transformed the corporate identity of businesses in the areas of:

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Education

  • Facility Design

  • Industrial Distribution

  • Insurance

  • Medicine

  • Law

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Transportation

It's all about you!!!

"Design of Miami has decades of experience in media design.  We are committed to learn your business and provide you with unparalleled service.  Our goal is to transform your brand into a formidable entity, and we will be there with you every step of the way."


Javier Rodriguez

Design of Miami


"I hired Design of Miami to help me create a website for my Interior Design business. Best decision ever!

Javier was such a pleasure to work with. He was patient, responsive to every call or message and made sure to explain each step of the process in details and what to expect.  My page looks amazing and extremely professional now.  Design of Miami is definitely a hidden gem in this town! "

Yuneisi Krabbe

Lux Interiors by Yuni





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